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PCB Simulation and Power Electronics Applications

PCB and Power Electronics


PCB Simulation and Power Electronics Applications :

'Huwin 은 EMCoS 사의 한국 총판 대리점으로서 20년 이상의 EMC 관련 know-how 와 시뮬레이션 연구 경험을 바탕으로 시스템 EMC 업무에 최적화된 EMCoS 솔루션을 공급 및 기술 지원을 담당하고 있습니다.'

EMCoS Studio 는 Full Wave specialized 3D MoM 과 3D PEEC 솔버 및 시스템 EMC 분석에 필요한 시스템 하이브리드 분석 기법과 복잡한 PCB 자동 처리 기능을 통해 전력 전자 시스템 및 PCB의 Radiation/Conduction 노이즈 분석 솔루션을 지원합니다.  전력전자 노이즈 분석의 경우 PSPICE 등의 회로와 EMC test bench EM Effect 및 Cable/busbar 연결된 상태의 노이즈이 필요한데 EMCoS Studio 는 이러한 분석에 가장 최적화/효율적인 분석을 제공합니다.

PCB Simulation 기능 :

  • Import of complex PCB layout from ODB++ file format, interactive Stackup Editor
  • BOM (Bill of Material) report extraction from ODB++
  • Full Wave MoM simulation of radiated & conducted emission, S-parameters extraction for PCB nets, modeling of PCB with IC packages
  • 3D PEEC solver for accurate calculation of 3D parasitic RLCG parameters of PCB traces, bus bars and chassis
  • Generation of equivalent circuit based on extracted parameters
  • Auto merging of functional circuit with 3D PEEC equivalent model of PCB layout
  • Signal and Power Integrity simulations (SI&PI)
  • Construction of system level model based on functional circuits, parasitic equivalent circuit and additional components (cables, LISNs, batteries…)
  • Link to various SPICE solvers (Spice3, PSpice, HSpice, LTspice, Eldo, SIMetrix, TSReady)


EMC/EMI Filters Simulation 기능 :

  • Fullwave MoM simulation of EMC/EMI filters for power electronics applications
  • Modeling of voluminous filter components
  • Modeling of EMC/EMI filters with consideration of interaction between 3D components
  • Special tools for construction of filter components (ferrite cores, chokes, capacitors)
  • Advanced CAD tools for easy assembling of filter 3D models
  • Optimization of filter structure and layout of components
  • Consideration of frequency-dependent materials for ferrite cores modeling
  • Filter Components Library with ready-to-use standard component parts
  • Analysis of near magnetic field radiation for complex EMI filters layout
  • Specialized CM Choke Designer based on PEEC method for fast design and calculations of inductive components


Application Examples :

Modeling of PCB with IC Package
Modeling of 3D Layout Influence on LC Filter Performance
Modeling of EMC-Filter from Würth Elektronik Design Kit
Simulation of HV Filter for Charging System
Four-way Microstrip Wilkinson Power Divider Modeling
Three-pole Hairpin-line Microstrip Bandpass Filter
Effect of Parasitic RLC Parameters in GSM Band Amplifier
Inverter PCB Modeling
EMC/EMI of PCB in Automotive Systems
Modeling of Patch Antennas
Simulation of 28 GHz Series-Fed Patch Antenna Array for 5G Applications
Modeling of Toroidal Choke with Ferrite Core
Modeling of Planar Transformer with Ferrite EI Core
Modeling of Bobbin Coil with Ferrite Core
LFEF Simulations for PCB with Terminal Blocks Conversion Adapter