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Thank you for visiting Huwin's website.

Huwin does not spare any support to develop individual competencies of its employees,
and seeks to promote the development of the organization and individuals together.

Participation in
external conference training

Participation in domestic and overseas conferences, education, seminars, and events is encouraged and expenses are provided.

Language cost support

We support expenses such as telephone English training to foster global talent.

*Up to 200,000 won per month

Book support

Unlimited support for purchasing books needed for work.

Support for master's and
doctoral degrees

Support for academic and research hours when entering graduate school

  • Master

    2 days a week for 2 years


    Years 1 and 2 2 days a week

    3rd or 4th year 1 day a week

  • Application conditions

    If you are enrolled or enrolled in a graduate school laboratory in a related field

    *Submit proof of admission and proof of enrollment every semester

  • Etc.

    No salary deduction and no mandatory contract period

    Same treatment if hired while attending graduate school

    In the case of excellent graduates, a reward is given

    *Graduation GPA and SCI thesis performance evaluation