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Best Place to Work

Huwin wants to become the Best Place to Work, where people work happily, ponder, and create new things.

Our Culture

We pursue a culture in which we can develop the company with creative ideas while respecting the autonomy and responsibility cooperation according to the horizontal and free organization and job, respecting each other's personalities, not in a hierarchical relationship.


Huwin promotes a win-win relationship between the company and its employees,
and strives to secure outstanding talents by in-depth evaluation of applicants' basic competencies
as well as development potential so that they can lead the CAE field.

Explore our Career Areas

Engineering & Software Development

  • Application engineer
  • Electromagnetic wave simulation
  • High-Speed Digital
  • Signal/Power/Ground Design
  • RF
  • EMC
  • Experience: Any officer (new recruits can apply) (researcher, senior researcher, senior researcher level)
  • Graduated from Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Master's/Ph.D. graduates in related fields
  • TOEIC 800 level (point) or higher
  • Tel : 031-719-5020
  • Mail :