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Huwin has developed high-precision measurement and high-precision measurement of
high-frequency signal transmission connectors, cables, and PCBs based on ultra-high frequency engineering experience and patented technology. For this, we provide test fixture esign/measurement and consulting services.


In transmitting a very fast signal, problems such as signal reflection and delay loss occur, and the problem increases in proportion to the speed
of the signal. The problem of signal reflection is fundamentally caused by the discontinuity of impedance, and it can be called High Speed Signal Integrity to analyze it and make sure there is no problem for fast signals.
Recently, signal transmission standards are rapidly increasing, and accordingly, a design that satisfies compliance is required. Impedance discontinuity section includes layout line width in transmission channel, PCB thickness, connection via via, plane gap, connector, cable launch, branch, stub, package, test pad, It can be multiple parts, such as impedance discontinuities at the end of the line.

In addition, the impedance mismatch between the driver and the receiver attached to the end of the line is also an impedance discontinuity, and the effect of impedance discontinuity is also taken into account to prevent signal distortion by attaching a termination at the beginning or end of the line. The effect of impedance discontinuity depends on the signal's rise time and the length of the discontinuous section. Since a problem arises because the rise time is short or the discontinuous section is longer than the rise time, it is necessary to calculate whether the discontinuous section is a problem by considering the signal speed and the length of the discontinuous section together.

High-speed signal transmission includes DDR3, USB3, HDMI, SATA, PCI express, Infiniband, XAUI, 10GBASE-KR, etc., respectively, Insertion Loss / Return Loss / Loss Deviation / Insertion to Crosstalk / Skew / Diff of the transmission channel. to Comm. Compliance such as Ratio / Noise Margin / Timing Margin / Overshoot / Rise and Fall time must be satisfied. Verification of whether compliance standards are satisfied is possible through signal integrity verification for all channels during the design process, which is possible by accurate modeling by Electro Magnetic Solver and full channel time domain waveform analysis.

High Speed Signal Integrity Analysis / Optimization

Full-channel SI modeling and transient analysis

Impedance optimization of Chip/Package/Board/Connector/Cable, impedance discontinuity compensation EM full-wave modeling and electrical parameter extraction
(equivalent circuit or broadband S-parameter model extraction)

Differential line optimization (Differential line impedance, coupling, balancing, Common mode noise filter)
Virtual Compliance Test and Report

For predictable design and trouble shooting of high speed signal channels, accurate modeling up to very high frequencies (~ tens of GHz) is required.
In response to these needs, we are providing the best consulting and analysis/design services in the High SpeedSignal Integrity field based on our expertise in high-frequency and electromagnetic field analysis.

The analysis result report includes not only recommended improvement measures for each problematic item,
but also technical background theory and training to help build a more efficient product development process in future designs.