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Thank you for visiting Huwin's website.

Huwin pursues an open and bright corporate culture to create a company where everyone can work happily and enjoyably,
and introduces Huwin's unique welfare system.

  • Horizontal organizational culture

    Call each other by their English names regardless of their position


    Assign roles by objective evaluation to become a competency-based position system.

  • Assessment

    Evaluation is carried out by establishing evaluation indicators for individual capabilities, performance, and organizational performance.

    Basic competency
    Integrity, Creativity, Discipline, Teamwork, Communication Assessment
    Job Assessment
    Assessment of job performance capabilities
    Leadership Assessment
    Assessment of Leadership Competencies
    Performance appraisal
    Evaluation of performance for each task performedcompensation
  • Reward

    Salary adjustment according to personnel evaluation
    PS payment according to the annual operating profit