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EMCoS Studio 2021 Release Highlights


Major Highlights

   Hybrid MTL/3D PEEC Solution for PCBs with Housings and Cables in 3D Environment

   Automated Generation of Complex PCB Models with EMCoS PCBNgn

   New Features in PCB Data Import and Processing

   EM and High Frequency Solutions

   New CAD and Meshing Operations in EMCoS Studio and ReMesh

   New Features in Model Handling Operations

   New Features in System Simulation

   3D Transfer Impedance Simulations of Braided Shield Structures in Virtual Triaxial Setup

   EMCoS CM Choke Designer New Features and Improvements

   EMCoS SimDAT New Features and Improvements

Hybrid MTL/3D PEEC Solution for PCBs with Housings and Cables in 3D Environment

Extended Modeling Features and Optimizations

  • Support of finite/infinite dielectric substrates together with infinite PEC ground

  • Up to 10x times faster solution in PEEC 3D solver (FAS – Fast Approximate Solution) for very complex PCB models

  • Optimized multiport simulations and circuit pre-processing stage in TSReady solver

  • Parallel construction of circuit topology to handle large subcircuits generated by 3D PEEC calculation in TSReady solver

  • Reuse existing 3D PEEC data option in task settings

  • Support of frequency-dependent data for cables conductor and insulation materials in Hybrid MTL solver

Handling of K and C Coupling Coefficients in 3D PEEC Equivalent Circuit

  • New task settings to handle K and C coupling coefficients in 3D PEEC equivalent circuit (Disable/Enable/Threshold/Unconnected parts)

  • Support of new Coupling Sets for handling of K and C coupling coefficients between particular parts of the model in resulting 3D PEEC equivalent circuit

  • Separate Partition Size definition for Coupling Sets

  • Functional mode for Coupling Sets to replace parasitic RLCG elements with ideal connections

Functional Scheme Analysis

  • Automatic detection of connected pins through PCB layout and 3D geometry gives possibility to choose between running only functional scheme or full 3D PEEC simulations

New Tools for Automated Model Construction Procedure

  • Automatic generation of PEEC pins and connectors for PCB object linked to PCBNgn project

  • Automatic generation of PEEC pins and connectors on PCB footprints during ODB++ import

  • Automatic generation of Circuit Elements with empty subcircuit section in Circuit Elements Library during ODB++ import

  • Automatic placement of Circuit Elements with empty subcircuit section in Connectors generated for PCB footprint during ODB++ import

  • Synchronized selection of pins in Viewer 3D and System Diagram

  • Copy PEEC pins to the nearest or selected geometry



Automated Generation of Complex PCB Models with EMCoS PCBNgn

  • New Triangular Adaptive Mesh generation algorithm allows to automatically obtain accurate mesh for very complex PCB models without intersections and discontinuities with a minimal number of triangles

  • Definition of adaptive mesh sizes for each PCB layer independently

  • Alternative mode for generation of triangulated vias

  • Handling of vias shape and radius in generated mesh model

  • Highlighting of PCB components and color handling

  • New pick and polygon selection modes for PCB objects

  • New options for enabling/disabling nets and components

  • Possibility to delete PCB features and nets

  • Possibility to rename nets, components and ports

  • Support of drills loading



Improvements in PCB Data Import from ODB++

  • PCB footprints configuration with parts / packages information from Stackup Editor

  • Import of pre-defined PCB footprints and parts / packages configuration file

  • Automatic generation of PEEC pins and connectors for PCB footprints with reference to circuit elements created based on chosen component parts

  • Automatic placement of generated PEEC pins and connectors in model assembly

  • Saving stackup information to log file



EM and High Frequency Solutions

  • EM full-wave solution for triangular, quadrilateral and mixed (triangular and quadrilateral) meshes

  • Ports are supported in multipartition calculations in basis layers

  • Separate decomposition in FDS solver based on geometry objects

  • Layered dielectric objects in HF3D simulations

  • Time Domain in HF3D simulations



New CAD and Meshing Operations

  • Mesh generation based on ACIS libraries

  • New advanced meshing options (Gradation of Mesh, Axisymmetry Part Along Edge)

  • New specialized function Generate Tape Wrap for automatic generation of 3D mesh model for wrapped shielded cables

  • Quadrilateral mesh support and computational model generation

  • Support operations as import, translate, remesh, split, make quads and etc. for quad elements

  • Split Deviated Quadrilaterals and Bordure Mesh support for quad elements in ReMesh

  • Improved performance of meshing and progressive mesh functions in ReMesh



New Features and Improvements in Model Handling

  • Support of geometry healing operations during KBL data import

  • Import of Cables Library Parts with related Materials and Shields information from XML format

  • Support of single and fiber cable parts definition with rectangular shape

  • Support of horizontal and vertical orientation for ribbon cable parts

  • Hybrid cables, connectors and clamp devices can be now added to model assembly for flexible multi task configuration and data transferring between the projects

  • Import/export model assemblies with corresponding circuitry. Schematic devices and circuitry logically connected to connectors in System Diagram can be included in Model Assembly during import/export operations

  • Redesigned Cut Plane with possibility to handle planes with arrow keys, viewer handler or slider

  • Support of transformation operations for observation objects

  • Rectangle and polygon selection modes are now supported for model objects (PEEC pins, branches, connections, ports, loads, sources and connectors)

  • Possibility to control tasks execution order in a batch mode

  • New option to save project history in log file



New Features and Improvements in System Simulation

  • Support of Task Diagrams in Multi Task projects for Cables Simulation Analysis Type

  • Improved import of Device Templates from Device Templates Library

  • Pins mapping configuration between library template and schematic connector on device template import

  • Extension of Assign Circuit > Internally/Externally commands with Ports and Junctions

  • New command Connect Pins > Internally/Externally

  • Align and distribute schematic devices and connectors

  • Behavioral voltage and current sources support in TSReady solver

  • Diagnostics of problems in circuit topology in TSReady solver

  • New option to replace small resistances by small inductances in grounding/short connections

  • Extended Circuit Elements Library with Artificial Networks and non-ideal LC elements

  • Possibility to import multiple selected subcircuit/model files from one directory

  • Possibility to create custom circuit elements based on multiple selected subcircuits/models

  • Regrouping and reordering of circuit elements and groups using drag-and-drop operations



3D Transfer Impedance Simulations of Braided and Multilayered Shield Structures in Virtual Triaxial Setup

With new ZT3D solver in EMCoS TIC user has possibility to reconstruct 3D structure of a braided shield based on defined shield parameters and perform 3D simulations. In order to take into account non-uniform structure of a braided shield, it is also possible to define 3D structure from an external geometry file (*.nas).

  • 3D transfer impedance simulations of regular and non-regular braided shield structures

  • Automatic reconstruction of 3D shield structure from shield parameters

  • 3D shield structure definition from external geometry file

  • Automatic generation of different carriers braiding modes (Two Layers: No Crossing, Single Crossing, Double Crossing; One Layer: Clockwise, CounterClockwise)

  • Support of plating material for shields and filaments definition

  • Support of circular and elliptical filaments shape

  • Support of C-leakage calculation for braided shields



EMCoS CM Choke Designer New Features and Improvements

  • Generation of choke 3D model in SAT file format based on CM Choke Designer project

  • 3D model generated from CM Choke Designer contains analytical surfaces for representation of choke, plastic case and windings geometry as well as windings path curves

  • Validation of 3D model to detect collision between winding turns

  • New Winding Turns dialog for advanced handling of winding turns and definition of custom inner and outer angles

  • Importing and exporting winding turns data



EMCoS SimDAT New Features and Improvements

  • New option to perform multiplication on source spectrum for TriD/LFMF output files

  • Linear plot point-based curves data approximation with rational polynomials

  • Visualization of Impressed Currents, NFS and Radiation Pattern Source Distribution together with Currents, Charges and Fields Distribution

  • Improvements and optimizations in FFTWerk

  • Optimizations of curves drawing for large signals

  • Access to View/Edit Data dialog for reference curves

  • Merge functionality for range-based and point-based curves

  • Improved import/export data procedure

  • Save last used settings in ASCII Data Import Settings dialog

  • New features and improvements in EMCPad editor

  • Extension of output reading functions in EMScript>