EMCoS Antenna Vlab

Release Info

EMCoS Antenna VLab 2.0 Release Info

We are pleased to introduce our new software product Antenna VirtualLab to you. EMCoS Antenna VirtualLab is powerful simulation software especially suited for antenna calculations. A flexible and intuitive CAD interface gives you manifold possibilities to design in short time even very complex antennas. Effective simulation core based on the Method of Moments, optimized for sequential and parallel computations, delivers accurate results.

EMCoS Antenna VLab offers:

  • Fast and easy antenna model creation
  • Powerful CAD import filters
  • Large antenna models library
  • Easy-to-use powerful post-processing tools including 2D & 3D visualization, Smith charts, gain diagrams, polar plots, etc.
  • Highly beneficial tool for antenna engineers, researchers or students interested in antenna performance
  • Fast variant analysis methods
  • Parallel version available
  • Powerful Free Student version available

FREE Student Version of EMCoS Antenna VLab supports full electrodynamic solution for the models with size up to 2GB! To request free student version, please fill in the application form.
Very attractive conditions are also available for full version for educational or pure research purposes.