EMCoS Antenna Vlab

EMCoS Antenna VirtualLab

EMCoS Antenna VLab is a powerful simulation software especially suited for antenna calculations. The powerful CAD interface gives you manifold possibilities to design even very complex antennas in short time. Sophisticated simulation cores based on the Method of Moments, optimized for sequential and parallel computations, deliver accurate results.
Student Version of EMCoS Antenna VLab supports full electrodynamic solution for the models with size up to 2GB! To request free student version, please fill inВ theВ application form.

Main Features


  • Isotropic Lossy Electric and Magnetic Materials
  • Large metallic structures
  • Lossy wire-antenna structures

Sources, Loads and Ports

  • Frequency dependent circuit load elements
  • Equivalent network (scattering, chain, TL) element
  • Voltage and current sources in frequency and time domain
  • Plane wave excitation
  • Hertzian electric and magnetic dipole source
  • Field pattern source
  • Impressed current source
  • Unique feature - near field source

Advanced CAD and Meshing Functions

  • Boolean operations (union, intersect, subtract) for complex models creation
  • Transformation operations (translate, rotate, mirror) on CAD models
  • Multiple transformation operations
  • Removal of faces in complex models
  • Assignment of different meshing size to edges and faces
  • Meshing of CAD model considering meshing sizes

MoM Simulation

  • 3D-field solver
  • Full-wave Simulation of 3-D Structures
  • Both Windows and Linux Versions of the MoM Simulation Engine Available
  • Matrix partitioning method
  • Multi-excitation method

Post Processing and Visualization

  • Currents, Voltages, Charges and Calculation Errors in Probes
  • Antenna Parameters (Input impedance and admittance, input and radiated power, VSWR, Gain and Directivity, Antenna Efficiency, S11 and S21, etc. )
  • N-port parameters
  • Field in Field Probes
  • Near field Intensity Plots
  • Far field radiation patterns: 3-D Patterns and 2-D Cartesian and Polar Graphs
  • Smith Chart visualization
  • Frequency Response to Time Domain Signal
  • Export result data to MATLAB

Featured Characteristics

  • Integrated antenna library
  • Powerful model editor
  • Standard CAD formats processing (ACIS SAT, IGES, CATIA V4 and V5)
  • Advanced CAD and meshing functions
  • Point-and-click drawing and editing
  • Frequency domain analysis from DC up to several GHz
  • Comfortable pulse construction and pulse shape influence analysis features
  • Arbitr ary complex linear circuits in MoM analysis
  • Dielectric material support
  • Matrix-Partitioning for extremely fast and accurate optimization calculations
  • 3D and 2D post processing tools to present comfortable models and results
  • Parallel solvers for Linux and Windows
  • MATLAB link
  • FREE Student Version
Application Examples
Half Wavelength Dipole Glass Antennas
Large Antennas (Reflector Antennas) Waveguide Antennas
Patch Antennas