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EMCoS 15th Anniversary Users' Meeting

  • 날짜
    2016-10-25 15:26:17
  • 조회수

EMCoS 사의 15년 기념 Users' Meeting 이 2016년 11월 4일, 독일 Nuremberg 에서 열립니다.

한국에서는 Huwin에서 3명 User 1명이 참가할 예정입니다.

User Meeting 을 통해 발표되는 해외 업체 사례 참고하시고 문의 사항이 있으시면 저희에게 연락 주시기 바랍니다.

해외 업체 발표 사례 :

High Voltage System Simulations, A. Gheonjian (EMCoS LTD., Georgia)

EM Simulation Process at BMW - Qualification, Work Items and Use Cases
J. Hippeli (BMW AG, Germany)

Channel Analysis and Equalization on Printed Circuit Boards
J. Drewniak1,2, B. Archambeault2 (MISSOURI S&T1, EMS-PLUS2, USA)

Electromagnetic Field Radiated by Lightened High Voltage Battery for Electric Vehicle
R. Tumayan (RENAULT S.A.S, France)

Online EMC Simulations, M. Klingler (GROUPE PSA, France)

Simulation of Reverberation Chambers, M. Aidam (DAIMLER AG, Germany)

LF Human Exposure, B. Willmann (VOLKSWAGEN AG, Germany)

EMF Safety Aspects in Automotive Applications
T. Campi, S. Cruciani, V. De Santis, M. Feliziani (UNIVERSITY OF L’AQUILA, Italy)

Introduction of Automobile Harness Modeling Technique for Radio Noise Simulation
M. Kono (HONDA, Japan)

Radio Wave Performance Analysis for the Vehicle Electrical Equipment by the Electromagnetic Simulation Software, Y. Hamada (MAZDA MOTOR CORPORATION, Japan)