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EMCoS New Solutions: 전자파 인체 영향 분석

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    2015-12-29 14:39:31
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New Solutions Coming in February 2016

Upcoming EMC Studio v8.2 will introduce new tools and special calculation approaches for analysis of human exposure to electromagnetic fields. These features can be successfully applied for low frequency applications starting from 0+ to 10 MHz (like wireless power transfer or high voltage systems in EV/HV vehicles) as well as for higher frequencies.

  • Special calculation approaches for homogeneous and non-homogeneous body models are available
  • Reducing of near field calculation time inside homogeneous dielectric bodies by using special technique for inner volume

  • Import and visualization of human voxel-based models. Support of interactive transformation tools

  • Manipulation with voxel-based virtual skeleton (move and rotate skeleton bones considering interconnecting joints)
  • Automatic adjustment of voxel model to skeleton pose

  • Special post processing tools for human exposure analysis for both homogeneous and non-homogeneous models. Visualization of 3D distribution and 2D slices for field, current and SAR values